Food Labeling. Regulatory Affairs. Labeling Compliance.

Get your retail food products compliant for labeling regulations.


A mislabeled or improperly labeled retail food product can negatively impact a growing or established brand. This can happen through publicly available FDA warning letters, products being pulled from the shelf, or fines imposed on the company by the FDA. 

Often, startups or small businesses may not be aware of the US FDA Food Labeling regulations and requirements, or have the tools and resources to effectively comply with them.


Our mission at Foli Food Consult is to make food labeling easy for you.


We do this through our Food Labeling 101 Course, and additional Consulting Services.


Our goal is to ensure that you are properly equipped to be rightly positioned for success with your retail product, and compliant with food labeling regulations.

We like to say "we make food labeling easy".


  • Food Labeling 101 Course.

  • Nutrition Facts, Ingredient Statement + Allergen Statement Development.

  • Label and Product Specification Development.

  • Product Label Reviews.

  • Claim Assessment with Risk Mitigation Analysis.